Tracy Parsons

Education: Bethel High School (Cheerleading captain), Fairfield University, BA Political Science, St. John’s University School of Law JD.

Background: Grew up in Bethel and now a resident of Ridgefield.  Married, mother of 2 (off the payroll!!) adult children and step-mother of two more adult children (also off the payroll!!!!)

Interests and hobbies: Cooking and baking (I “invent” cupcake flavors), reading (in a book club) (was on the Library Board of Directors of the Town of Bethel ) (read 3 to 4 books a week, real books not on a tablet), belong to the Ridgefield Park and Recreation gym (where I excel at lifting 5 lb free weights and “run” (my kids call it walking with a bounce) on the treadmill), belong to Ridgefield Hot Yoga and Bikram (hot yoga and bikram are amazing for both the body and the mind) (The front is mirrored, so I hide in the back on my less than confident days), travel (trying to get as much in before we join the bus tours), going to music concerts (aging rock stars)(trying to see the talents of our youth before they leave this earth), health and community service (was on the Board of Directors of the Bethel Visiting Nurses Association, and politics (don’t get me started).

Statement of who I am: I do everything I can to find a solution to a problem presented to me, just ask my family and friends.

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